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  1. Gonna see Thor tonight with a few friends. I still need to see Blade Runner smh
  2. Reached Master at the end of last season Gonna go for Grandmaster this season
  3. Lucky--

    Film Discussion

    Currently rewatching Kill Bill :p
  4. Lucky--

    Film Discussion

    Wind River was great! Definitely recommend it.
  5. Lucky--

    Film Discussion

    Get Out definitely lived up to the hype, holy shit And I actually enjoyed Power Rangers, corny at times of course, but overall not too bad!
  6. Add me to the OP! GT: Lucky 7Evans Glad to see it's compatible!!
  7. Still can't believe that Louisville WR didn't try harder for the 1st down at the end of the game smh
  8. Just noticed I'm #4 overall in eliminations/minute with Reaper
  9. Did you play solo or go in with a group? My highest was 64 and I finished at 59 lol. I'm glad they're changing the ranking system
  10. Anyone here watch Orphan Black? If so, thoughts?
  11. I'm guessing not that many ppl play roadhog lol
  12. So people in this thread are saying the aiming is sluggish, etc. I'm a HUGE Shadowrun fan and I'm considering buying this game. You guys think it's worthing purchasing? I'm on the fence right now.
  13. Thoughts on the Suits season finale?
  14. I'm guessing Drake's new track won't be on the album but I like it. Also: https://soundcloud.com/monstermike197/no-tucking
  15. Lucky--

    Film Discussion

    What didn't you like about Mission Impossible? Just wondering.
  16. If you're ever feeling sad just go watch bloopers of The Office
  17. Lucky--

    Film Discussion

    I didn't know Ip Man3 was out...?!?!!? Gotta see it asap
  18. Lucky--

    Film Discussion

    The old hip-hop thread
  19. I wish Ohio State played more motivated against MSU like they did today
  20. It's so fireeeeeeeeeee I can't believe people think J. Cole can hang with K Dot lyrically LMAOOOO
  21. Anyone know what time Jessica Jones is being released today?
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