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  1. You Gotta Jump Off W\ That Man
  2. trying to confirm that now. Also, what are rules on substitutes? are they allowed?
  3. I've invited my 3 teammates for the 4v4 today, yet it still shows the invites are pending and I have confirmed at least one have them had accepted it. Any reason the team roster isn't updating? Team is: Make Halo Gr8 Again
  4. I know this is late and not really sure where to post, If I had a team and wanted to sign us up to compete in the HCS league, where would I go to do that? Can anyone point me in the right direction lol. There's ESL and GB, not really sure where to register.
  5. tbh haven't really heard of anyone anywhere else having trouble matching games with the exception of like Australia. Don't know how you're seeing matchmaking as a whole. Is there somewhere to view matchmaking statistics or something?
  6. I'm just telling you my personal experience with the matchmaking system. No need to get hostile now.
  7. I've never had problems finding games and I've been onyx/low champ since launch. It's literally just high champs I guess. I just think the skill discrepancy from champ to low onyx is too much. Onyx under like 1700 can't hang with champs in my opinion. At least high champs. Low champs are a different story.
  8. I understand how the ranking system worked lol. You pretty much only played pros in the MLG playlist though, not in TS, or anything else. The "arena" playlist shouldnt be/isnt a substitute for an HCS playlist. Some of the people I play with in onyx probably don't even know pro players exist, or truly play for an HCS-style experience.
  9. Yeah, that's in a dedicated MLG playlist though, Arena isn't that. We need an HCS playlist as well IMO. Team slayer for slayer game types, Arena for a mix of slayer and objective, then a HCS playlist. I just personally think diamonds can in no way hang with pro players. An MLG 43 is way different than a team slayer 43.
  10. Are you in Onyx? I play different people pretty much every game.
  11. I think they should be matching no lower than like 1650 onyx. The player base in onyx is pretty large and thtey would have no problem finding games IMO. Matching diamonds is just a no. It'd be an absolute bloodbath.
  12. Has anyone addressed that the ranking system right now has major flaws? I literally just placed, like mid 1500 onyx in slayer. Yet I continue to play full teams of champs that are all like champ 20-50. I understand high level champs had problems finding games, but teams of 4 champs shouldnt be matching low onyx searching solo. I can usually climb to like 1900-ish but this is making it impossible unless I run with a full team myself which isn't always possible
  13. I saw him make a few plays at regionals which was good to see.
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