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  1. I know it's talked about here too, but whoever posted on Halo Reddit about 343 not caring about promoting Worlds on the "Halo" twitter account is a champ. I noticed that since that thread was posted, and 343 responded, the Halo twitter has changed the header, DP, and posted more about the event, hyping it up. If ESL is dropped after this season, and MLG picks up competitive Halo again, I hope Simms jumps aboard.
  2. Did the Halo esports TV show they talked about in the Fall just wither and die like everything else?
  3. I bought six Legendary tickets because I REALLY need the 60 gold packs for mongoose. I'm really sorry, I feel bad that they're sold out now...
  4. $563 from Kalamazoo to Burbank. $413 from Kzoo to LAX, plus Uber/Lyft for a half hour ride to Burbank, food and hotel. So, you're looking at around a $1000 weekend trip for a shitty venue...no thanks.
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