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  1. I matched with you in Assault today and you were afk the whole game and quit
  2. It feels terrible today. Don't know if I'm getting shit servers or what. Probably just bad.
  3. I mentioned the grenade launcher glitch to @@Neighbor on OGRE2's stream. Said he will look into it.
  4. The poll answered by pro players a few posts above you could give you a good idea.
  5. If better weapon placements, removal of splinter nades across the board, and SR demoted to a Tier 2 weapon isn't meaningful, then sure.
  6. Made a post about each of the map changes but it didn't post. Truth and Fathom looking the best they've been. Autos are the #1 issue to me and glad to see SRs removed on maps or moved to locations on Regret and Truth that will be naded to hell. I can't imagine no radar if an auto nerf isn't addressed first.
  7. Backsmacks: The Montage? In all seriousness you had some good plays man
  8. He's been streaming like every day Definitely would enjoy seeing him in some scrims in the near future.
  9. Didn't neg rep, but are people not allowed to be happy about this update? Sure, it shouldn't have been an issue in the first place, but they finally acknowledged it and fixed it. This is what everyone wanted right? Just don't get the point of still holding a grudge and pouting. Now we can finally move on to other problems.
  10. I'm not sure what you're arguing. Are you claiming CSR doesn't have this same effect?
  11. For sure. They want people to experience all these new types of modes and Forge maps. Which is great, but now it is over saturated. It may take many games to find the specific gametype you want to play. Especially if they were to add Infection and Breakout in there like I suggested. I don't think it's necessary to keep them all in matchmaking indefinitely anymore with the new Custom Game Browser. I'm fine with some of the gametypes having the spotlight for a couple weeks or so, but players have a very easy way to make their own lobbies now and find others.
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