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  1. No, because it doesn't punish jumping from top Sniper to Rocket Pit
  2. Your posting style completely contradicts itself at every level. You belittle those who enjoyed their experiences playing the original Halo trilogy, the games that created the very foundations of this community, yet you offer no other input of note at all. You deride those on this forum that offer optimism because they love this franchise, yet you still post here as part that very community. What point are you trying to make here? You think people who enjoyed the original trilogy are nothing more than circle-jerking nostalgia-goggling wearing fools? Are you somehow better than the community because of your blind arrogance and negativity? Why the fuck do you even post here?
  3. I haven't played halo frequently since Reach came out and I'm still here, don't see why another disappointing game would change things...
  4. H2A, if done well, could reinvigorate the franchise hugely. It could both bring back the older fanbase and entice the growing number of restless gamers frustrated with a stagnation in the COD/BF4 formula. It would work as a perfect stopgap between the Halo iterations and bring back some excitement for the franchise. Or it could come out with the same H4 engine and kill off halo altogether.
  5. This is clearly a stealth brag thread. OP made the video and is one of the kids in that montage just looking to boost his video views. I'm on to you.
  6. Riso

    Comedy Thread

    >Comedy >Dave Chappelle Pick one.
  7. This is just his standard tactic of retweet-baiting and ensuring he keeps what remaining Halo followers he has. Seen it one too many times to think of this as anything more than that.
  8. 'Top 5' isn't even that bad a thing. Mine looks a lot like this. I hardly have time for gaming nowadays, but it's still an important part of my free time to me. 1. Partner 2. Career 3. Friends 4. Family 5. Hobbies (gaming)
  9. JBee confirmed for best troll of the forever.
  10. Asics running shoes, because I've managed to completely fuck up the ligaments in my left foot. Last text you sent
  11. Eat your steaks Blue or be force-fed some leather shoes. Favourite regional food style?

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