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  1. Dedicated To3 underneath @SourGamingPro looking to run with potential 4ths Requirements -Be Good - Know how to take a an L and learn from the mistakes -Be on everyday and ready to grind and get better -Know call outs and be vocal -And all around a fun person to hang out with We need to get this team finalized before HCS online ladder starts dec.6 will be running with people for the next week for more info or questions DM @Sour_Finessed Serious players only!!
  2. Looking for a dedicated To3 to play under @sourgamingpro schedule would be ( Can Change ) M-T 3-7 F-S 3- whenever I need this team to be finalized by Dec.6 for the HCS championship. DM - @vFinessed
  3. Hey guys looking for 3 dedicated players who are on every night and willing to grind.I have an org who will partially fund things such as Jerseys , Flights , and hotels. I'm looking to stay together for awhile the team needs to be finalized by Dec. 6th that is the start of the Championship series Hmu Twitter: v Finessed Kik: xXdeath54Xx

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