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  1. Pretty sure they took it out because of CoachMayne.
  2. Halo better be back strong, it feels like life's on hold while I wait. Waiting for 3 years now for it to be a top 5 priority in my life again ;/
  3. CoachMayyne was Whistlerman then WhistlerMayyne before assuming the mantle of the CoachMayyne
  4. I actually loved halo 3 equipment and thought the power drainer should have been a power weapon In MLG. Also equipment > armor abilities.
  5. o Look its CoachMayyne in the bright Blue shirt. :ghost:
  6. Start from 1:25 !!!!!!!!!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrpGeKDd_6g This is my player profile for the Halo4GC, I will most likely finish last. There are 99 players. Big props to my "Coach" from that Beaver Patrol team.
  7. It is called Beyond Entertainment not beyond shooters or beyond halo.
  8. League Of Legends League Ranks>Halo 2 Ranks>Halo 3 Ranks>COD League Play>Halo Reach Arena
  9. CoachMayne loved halo2, halo3, Reach, but Halo 4 fails in so many ways and its been 2 games without a in game ranking system now. Why does it take a full year every release to make a Halo multiplayer suite good. CoachMayne is an ultimate troll, but hes not bad for halo4, halo4 is bad for halo4. Also on the age comment, If u say your 19/20 or younger and played halo 2, you didn't. Not in its prime or seriously anyway. If you were born in 1993 or later, you were 11 or younger when halo 2 came out and your opinion is not wanted. Stick to commenting on Halo 3 and later. I respect 14+ year olds these days. That said if you were under that age when something was released, don't think your word carry's as much weight as a series veteran. PS I am CoachMaynes neighbor and HATE the kid trololol. PPS He also LOVES the attention!
  10. List your League name and rank please. SnowPR0 (last is a zero) Silver 1
  11. Not to mention guys like StongSide and Walshy have won Cars or Trucks, I believe that is part of prize money thank you very much.
  12. This thread is for people who want to play blops2 with Beyond forums members. Please respond with your gamertag if your a quality pub stomping Blops2 player. Feel free to find people for league play to, however the main objective of this post is to find people to pub stomp with. Ill update the list to in the first post regularly. Preferably like this: SnowPRO (all letters) KD: 2.22 SPM: 291
  13. Good partnership with spreadshirt, keep up the quality work guys.
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