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  1. Looking to establish a set roster for arena and future seasons / tournaments. We are EST, available 6/7-12 most nights. Don't care about arena rank, don't care about past xp. All we ask is that you play well, communicate and don't rage. Message me on twitter @tylrchrstnsn If I'm not available, try swools on xbl at L swool L
  2. Looking for another to2 with chemistry to run some games to see where things go. Have been playin together since H2. EST. No ragers. gt: Bluff Almighty Gt: L swool L
  3. Title says it all. We've been playing together for a long time. Looking for someone with experience in past Halos. Good communication and knowledge of the game is a must. No ragers. Hit me up to run some games and see how chemistry works. GT: Bluff Almighty
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