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  1. Spokey


    I don't play this game anymore
  2. Aw man I wish I saw this earlier, appreciate it regardless.
  3. OT, but is there any chance more spots for the FFA open up? Tried signing up via mobile when I wasn't home and wasn't able to. Got home and all the spots were full. Been waiting for this for months, so I'm kind of tilted.
  4. Are points for Challenger League on a per team basis or for individual players, similar to Season 1? Anybody know?
  5. Thank you, just took a screenshot and uploaded to imgur instead. I'm an old man.
  6. My homie TripChee got a little bit of Challenger League info out of Chespace for those of you interested.
  7. So stoked that Optic made it. LFG Gotta say, disappointed with the lack of Challenger League info. Any word on when this will be released?
  8. Playing in the 2v2 tourney and holy smokes I forgot how good no radar feels. Not gonna lie, it took a minute to adjust, but it's wonderful. Kind of OT, but it needed to be said.
  9. How many maps still have the rail gun on them? I haven't liked the rail gun for competitive play from the get-go. Way too OP, in my opinion. Maybe it could be viable if the ammo count was dropped or something, but I really just dislike the weapon as a whole. It's too easy.
  10. Well, Str8 for one. They qualified because of Domey, who just made it to regionals by the skin of his teeth. T2 didn't really do anything season 1, neither did Rammy or Shazam from what I remember. Ambush is another one. Mudvayne and JR2 are locals of mine. JR2 is a great player, but even he knows that he didn't really do a whole ton during season one. I don't even think Mudvayne got any pro points at all. I can't speak on K3nny because I don't know who he is, but for the three of them to get in solely because of Kephrii is a little bizarre to me. I don't mean to call people out, it's just strange.
  11. Gotta say, I'm pretty disappointed with how the teams for the invitational OQ this weekend were chosen. Seeing some teams/players on that list that I don't think should be in there over some others. Not just from a skill standpoint, but from a season one accomplishments standpoint, or lack thereof. Not everyone can be pleased though, so it is what it is. Just my .02.
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