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  1. Just signed up a few weeks ago and thought now would be as good a time as ever to say hi to the Beyond Entertainment team and the Halo 4 community. I don't play as much as I used to but I would love to help out in any way I can through capturing, minor editing, testing, and forging to help this community grow in numbers and popularity. Thanks.
  2. Is there a topic on here for current weapons and weapon times? It would be helpful for forgers to know what weapons are conducive of competitive play and how long they should take to spawn after being picked up.
  3. I just posted a map I made recently in the forums, and just wanted you to please add it to your 4v4 map list. Here is the link: http://teambeyond.net/forum/index.php?/topic/1861-oasis/ Thanks.
  4. OASIS Symmetrical, three-base map for competitive play via Throwdown, PGL, or AGL settings. Suited for 4v4 King of the Hill, 4v4 Team Slayer, and 2v2 Team Slayer. Recommended 2-8 players. Version 1.0.3 Updated 8/8/13 My inspiration for making this was the lack of a map forged to the strengths of King of the Hill. During it's tenure on the MLG circuit in Halo: Reach, Oasis brought exciting, fast-paced gameplay to the forefront of the competitive scene and gave both the players and audience a thrilling experience. With the removal of sprint after the v5 settings, the map was removed due to complaints that it was too large to maintain a high standard of competitive play with the updated player traits. I feel Halo 4 has the means to bring out the key characteristics of this map that made it fun and competitive and would love to see it used after thorough testing. Weapons: 1 x Sniper Rifle (116 sec) - Bottom Green 1 x Overshield (116 sec) - Mid-Bridge 4 x Battle Rifle (30 sec) - Red/Blue Fin & Red/Blue Runway 2 x DMR (30 sec) - Red/Blue Pillar 2 x Carbine (30 sec) - Red/Blue Jump 2 x Light Rifle (30 sec) - Red/Blue Tree 2 x Needler (60 sec) - Red/Blue Tunnel 2 x Plasma Pistol (30 sec) - Red/Blue Hill 4 x Frag Grenade (30 sec) - Red/Blue Flag 2 x Plasma Grenade (30 sec) - Top Green 2 x Pulse Grenade (30 sec) - Sewer I am not entirely sure if these weapons or spawn times are correct according to current settings, so let me know if I have made any mistakes. Any and all feedback is appreciated. You can download the map here. Download the map here.
  5. I would like to suggest Oasis, a map I made recently, to be tested during the v5 settings test period. It plays King of the Hill and Slayer, however could be set up for other gametypes since it seems you have stayed away from KoTH lately. Even if it does not make it, any feedback on the map from whoever tests it would be appreciated. My gamertag is: a HD SAMerreye Thanks
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