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  1. Mid Halo 3 era? Halo 3 came out in fall of 2007. Halo 2 was the flagship game for MLG from 2005-2007. Halo 3 wasn't the circuit until the 2008 season. Please.
  2. New England Knights: Oc Stryker Rob The Turtle SAMerreye looking for fourth
  3. Due to various reasons and previous commitments, the New England Knights need one for future HCS Online Cups and UGC St. Louis. We are looking to run games as long as it takes tonight to find a fourth that fits our playstyle who is also dedicated and has the drive to win. Please post your gamertag and availability in your response. Prior tournament experience is a plus, but not required. Current roster: Oc Stryker Rob The Turtle SAMerreye
  4. This was the question on my mind all afternoon. Discuss.
  5. 1.0.3 Update: Weapon Times Changed respawn time of all Grenades from 15 sec to 30 sec Changed respawn time of Light Rifles from 45 sec to 30 sec Changed respawn time of Sniper Rifle from 120 sec to 116 sec Changed respawn time of Overshield from 120 sec to 116 sec Changed respawn time of Plasma Pistol from 45 sec to 30 sec Changed spare clips on Needler from 2 to 1 Download the updated map here.
  6. The map doesn't have color because most likely you set the team colors to a specific color when you should set the object color to that color. When you set it to team colors it will only show the color when that team is on the map, which in an FFA results in no color.
  7. I will be away from my Xbox for the next week so feel free to test and scrutinize my map, but keep in mind that there will be no changes able to be made until the second half of next week. Thanks.
  8. Locking the objects is more-so for myself during the forge process since I wouldn't want someone joining and deleting everything. But thanks for taking the time to look at the map! By the way GO BRUINS.
  9. Yes. You did miss something. :P Thanks for the compliments though.
  10. Updated original thread with photos to reflect changes to the map.
  11. EDIT Used Stunt Ramps to add to asthetics in and around bases. Turned over 3x3 Shorts. Raised Front Base Jump-Ups 0.1 coordinates. Replaced Artifact Bases with Stunt Ramps. Moved 2x2 Banks in by 0.1 coordinates to remove overlapping. Replaced Three Story Bases with 3x3 Shorts. Download the updated map here. P.S. I exchanged the Artifact Bases with Stunt Ramps because I knew Res would have mentioned it next. #Predictable In all seriousness, they do look better.
  12. I've heard great things about Ark, but not much else of the others; probably because I haven't been here long. Hoping to see one of my maps up there some day. Good work.
  13. The images of your changes certainly looked great, and the main issue was initially I did not have enough of a budget to make those changes; however, with the recently freed up budget I will certainly look into aesthetic changes moving forward along with needed changes to help gameplay and flow.
  14. I would love to see King of the Hill tested more, not only because maps geared towards said gametype should receive more attention, but because I believe that King of the Hill requires more communication, teamwork, and skill than Extraction. In no way am I saying Extraction is a bad gametype either.
  15. EDIT Fixed glitched loadout camera. Replaced tin cups with rocks to fix a glitch. Moved front Blue Plat out 1.5 coordinates to make each symmetrical. Download the updated map here.
  16. Alright I'll invite you now.
  17. I'm not entirely sure how that would be an issue on this map.....?
  18. The map looks great, and I wanted to make sure to give you some love for giving my map the same. Only thing I might change is to put some more natural pieces on the map, but I wouldn't want you to overdo it and mess up the feel of the map.
  19. The map looks good, but I would add some extraction cylinders in the walls on the bases to distinguish base color since the majority of the map is natural (rocks, trees, grass, etc).
  20. You may want to spread out the starting spawns for red/blue team so players don't run into each other causing a cluster****. But that may not even happen so it would be just something to keep in mind when testing for now.
  21. I'm not sure who neg repped who, but the issue with the bridges was a main concern of mine conceptually and practically. Also, I'm not sure what you mean entirely by switch the 3x3s to the smooth side. I used 3x3 shorts because they are flat and wanted to add color to each base.
  22. In my opinion, Overshield will be more useful than Sticky Detonator on this map because it is more-so open. But, both combinations and various other ones will be tested based on feedback.
  23. The weapon placement is only until I find out what weapons are being used in v5 settings and can be changed easily after more testing. Thanks for the feedback everyone.
  24. I cannot tell if the pictures I posted for my thread in the Forge section are broken or not. Some have told me they are, and others have said they are fine. If they are broken, could someone tell me how exactly I fix the issue? Thanks.
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