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  1. Sorry for the late reply , I will send you a request on live when we are on to run games.
  2. we are looking for two other teammates to run with in future games and tournaments. hit me up on xbl, gamertag is hl apoc. or my teammate Epos withTheHL
  3. looking for a fourth for the weekly tournaments. looking for high onyx or champion players. we don't want any complainers. just someone that can hold their own and knows the game. hit me up on my gt hl apoc or my teammates gt druk84
  4. Looking for 2 serious teammates that are dedicated. ready to go and ready to trash the top teams on game battles. hit me up on my gamer tag SKROSHIMO or my teammates tag JP EPOS.
  5. We are a team of 2 looking for 2 highly skilled dedicated players with some pro points . Our highest ranks were Champion in team arena and slayer. ( we are high onyx now). Hit me up on my gamertag skroshimo or my teammate jp epos if interested.
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