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  1. That REC team is going to get destroyed by the rest of the top3 teams
  2. Whats up boys!!! Neptune is a god I’m surprised by this LBX roster.
  3. They just prefer to only play 1 scrim 5 days a week and call it “the grind”
  4. So you are telling me that you don’t like hearing the caster repeat literally what is going on in the screen, people are weird.
  5. Excepted, the HCS player base is a very dedicated one, and won’t vary much. I see this as a decline of the other playlists.
  6. A team name that I loved from the H3 days was Heaven and Earth, their logo was fire too. God I loved watching Killerdrew sniper.
  7. Dude TeamLiquid is StarCraft, they have been the SC hub for more than a decade now.
  8. I was an Ola doubter in Halo5, I’m happy that Ola is showing that he is a top player.
  9. VicX always pulled his weight, he just was a slower player. Ryannoob is too fast of a player and can’t win 1v1
  10. LoL are you really trying to say that Cod gameplay is good ? I guess Justin Bieber must really make good music then.
  11. Oh you like Slayer? You need to get with the times, TB hates slayer.
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