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  1. Dude Huke is a freak, he is incredibly talented, he literally picked up Halo and destroyed pros that were playing since H2
  2. People caught up, what he does is no longer unique. Everybody now has insane movement skills.
  3. Dude Huke was dropping 30+ bombs while the rest of his team struggled to break 15 kills.
  4. Everybody has a price. Removing Shotzzy from Splyce would destroy that team.
  5. OpTic peaked, time to replace Frosty with Shotzzy. The best posible move
  6. OpTic to disband, Lethul to replace Bubu and go on the greates tournament winning spree since FINAL BOSS
  7. You don't follow the scene very closely right ?. LG has been struggling for months.
  8. MLG fall finals are going to be LIT. Puckett+T2+Walshy tricasting the Finals of an improved EG vs OG, while Roy gets an overkill in Regret game 7.
  9. Shotzzy is the most mechanical proficient player in the circuit. He has no limits. If this were H2 he would be quadshoting everybody.
  10. 8 months ago there was a rule that didn't let Shotzzy play professionally
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