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  1. They do everything right except a game that millions wants to play
  2. Ofc the community is to blame, why aren't we playing H3 ? Or H2 ? Or CE ?.
  3. In LoL and dota the most confusing part (for new viewers) are teamfights, but most of the game is laning.
  4. Nobody was trashing the method per se. What most people are trashing is that Blizzard is inflating the value of its game. 20 millions for a OW team is insane, and the investors will have unrealistic expectations after a 20 million buy.
  5. If only the H3 BR could fire straight for 35ft
  6. Yup, I learned this the hard way a few patches ago. It's standard by now 343 is incompetent in every aspect of Halo.
  7. What did you feel when Huke decided to singledhandily send your team to the trashcan.
  8. LUL Shotzzy just won an event and is already playing/streaming.
  9. This is the most ******** thing I have ever seen. Lol and people still claim that this isn't a bubble. People that don't understand esports dropping millions for a quick cash grab, this is going to end well.
  10. Let's see if I understand this . Blizzard is charging 20 millions for the right to play in their league ??
  11. Good on LAN ? They finish in the same place that in Pro-League.
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