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  1. There is literally more money in Prize Pool in Halo than CoD
  2. No. You are comparing the most successful gaming Youtuber to Kampy.
  3. LoL comparing to Nadeshot may aswell compare Lethul to Michael Jordan and say that Lethul should be playing Basketball
  4. It's easier to win Worlds in Halo than to place decent in CoD.
  5. Lethul has made +400k in Halo wtf what's CoD player has even made that kind of money the last 2 years.
  6. It's so annoying when the Guardians Discussion leaks in the HCS thread
  7. So the last time any team scrimmed was 11 days ago ?. Interesting everyone is having a vacation
  8. No grenade hit markers or no hitmarkers at all?. I really like to know when I hit a shot.
  9. Dude that is Brood War in Korea, it doesn't get any more hype than that.
  10. We have discussed Sprint for 7 years now, its time to accept the fact that sprint is here to stay
  11. Yeah but fuck us right. EU has servers LATAM gets fucked, good luck trying to play Halo from Argentina or Brazil.
  12. That would be ********, I'm confident 2gre/roybox aren't that ********
  13. Why did Ronin dropped Spartan ?. He was the best on that team.
  14. Every time someone starts a roster discussion they get blasted. Something something "stats mean nothing" Something something "intangibles"
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