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  1. I feel bad for Hastro, he is making a terrible mistake sinking 20 millions in OWL, I'll understand it if he is planning on selling the spot to the highest bidder before the stocks drop.
  2. Shotzzy is the best. No one does the noob combo so fast and so easily as he . The movement is insane.
  3. They fucked up big time when they pick el town over Naded or Suspector. Even Cratos was a better pick after HWC16.
  4. Interesting, OS seems to be investing a lot of money into Halo.
  5. If a NA team loses to an EU one they deserve to be relegated.
  6. Be careful with anything against MLG in this Forums. We like to suck that d pretty hard.
  7. This is a big part, you can't have a global Reach with only having NA servers. But hey nobody complains because fuck everyone not NA.
  8. MC was an exception, but let's say a Final with Idra vs Jinro in their prime was the hypest thing ever. Or a game between Idra and Huk in their classical Liquid vs EG
  9. Hey can I host a 50k tournament where only my neighbors are allow to play.
  10. In Starcraft it works because the non Koreans are more watchable and people prefer to watch the foreigners than to watch no face Koreans. In Halo people prefer to watch NA over EU so the most skilled players are the most popular ones.
  11. Ok quick question has Formal made more money than Lethul in this timespan ?
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