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  1. Will upvote you to compensate your poor performance in the last few posts.
  2. Personal vendettas? . If he doesn't want to keep playing Halo then good riddance. I don't know why you people have such a hard on for CoD , it's a shit game.
  3. Why doesn't the scrim results show in the Halo data hive page
  4. Uhh no ?. Only Splyce played OS the 14-08-2017 and before that all teams played the 20-07-2017 so no team has played.
  5. How is it going boys ? Been away for a while , has EG even played a game after ATL ??
  6. Come on man Towey was coaching top Halo before Shotzzy could talk.
  7. You should know better of going against the CE circlejerk
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