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  1. Remove Breakout and Radar from Team Arena and ill play this game every day until the next Halo.
  2. LoL has now dynamic queues, that is, if you are a to4 they find a to4 if you are 2 to2 they find 2to2. So its basically mirrors your party. Lets all take that LoL a lot of servers, maybe in less played server like Latin America North or Latin America South, there are waiting problems.
  3. I dont know what aiming you are talking about. I watch ogre 2 stream and is not missing a shot.
  4. Mmm you are right, but blue side has all the options. Meanwhile red only choice is bait os and be late to sniper
  5. Guys what do you think of initial spawns in Plaza. I think is heavily blue side favored. Also pegasus blue spawn is overpowered imo. Wold like to see stats on win percentage of initial spawns
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