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  1. Devils advocate are not welcome. Here we like: - shit on ninja - shit on Cratos - Ride Lethuls dick - Complain about 343 not retweeting Beyond tweets - Praise the mods - Pay attention to a dude named IcePrincess - Complain about the aiming - Shit on Casters
  2. Who gives a crap about upvotes/downvotes?. Plus 99% of people here ride Lethuls dick.
  3. Most halo pros are immature teenagers. The true gentlemen have retired, the Walshys, the Shockwaves, they are gone. Don't see a change in attitude any time soon.
  4. But that would mean that the "new gametype" they dedicated so much time and money, is crap and not accepted. They keep forcing it down our throats.
  5. Who won can we have like a Live Thread like the Team Liquid.net have.
  6. Holy fuck 343 you really are outdoing yourself.
  7. Be careful with what you say, we love riding Lethul in this forum.
  8. I would love a Forge Maps Playlist, and a no radar one.
  9. This is Halo not Starcraft. You dont need to play 14 h a day to be on top. Hell i bet most pros dont play more than 6 h a day.
  10. Someone plz pick Tawm he will win the 2mill. This new kids have no respect.
  11. Don't do this to me 343. Just give us 1 playlist to try new maps. Im an avid SC2 player been playing since 2010, i have probably played more than 100 different maps in ranked ladder, for free every 2 months we would have 3 new maps, and 3 maps removed ( least played ones).
  12. So when is the community maps playlist coming. I love me some 4v4 in good maps.
  13. Pegasus isn't that bad. Just when you're behind spawning carbine over and over and hate your life. Is the same with truth
  14. People pay attention to her/his post cuz of gender. Hell half the time she talks about armor and color or non halo related stuff like some band. On topic: i think regret is better than truth, once you realize how to play truth, the losing team spawn the majority of the game on Carbine. Feels so hard to comeback in thruth.
  15. Son when fan favorites lose is cuz fluky gametypes. May as well return to play all season of MLG HALO3 since in it. TS Amplified was game 5 deciding series.
  16. Why is that slayer is considered bad ? And wins not counting?
  17. Dat epsilon team got habdled by EG with towey instead of lethul.
  18. Everything is preference, i love Walshy casting, and i hate British accents in commentary. Some people hate Tastosis i love them. I think we need a Puckett kind of guy back. I just loved when Puckett said, Puckett Rocket or Sneaky Beaver.
  19. Meh the Halo stream is unwatchable with players outlines and the off aiming. I recommend you watch from personal streams.
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