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  1. Is a subjective example, you could say that table tennis is more skillfull than regular tennis, but the latter is obviously more competitive. On Topic: winterfox needs to improve on basic mechanics like shooting and teamshotting, so many missed shots I don't see that on other pro streams.
  2. Competitive and skillfull are different terms, probably H5 is more competitive than Halo1 since more people play it, and Halo1 is probably more skillfull than Halo5. But are two different things. Example: Volleyball probably is more skillfull game than basketball, but basketball is more competitive.
  3. Why did they change anything in Coli ?. Have anyone checked if they change something else in Slayer ? .
  4. I prefer the Starcraft method where you ban 2 or 3 maps in the settings that will never show up.
  5. Want me to show a whole compilation of Ronaldo diving?. Or do you prefer a Messi one ?
  6. Less chance? Now you have a huge 10 free kill sword guy snowball running free in the map.
  7. How you counter the sword guy now. It will get even more ridiculous.
  8. For me it made the game so much fun. I don't get why remove it.
  9. How do you know Arena is one of the most played?. We dont have population counter anymore. We don't know have ETA in: - Ball - Bomb - Fileshare (theater, screenshots, forge, clips. Etc) - community playlist - Social Playlist - Spectator Fix - Removal of Overgrowth I don't doubt the integrity of any individuals in 343, they just don't get it. And they will never get it, we have an unpolished product, from a very high budget company. We love you Goldenboy and you are the best in the business at least for Halo.
  10. No but it's the norm, everybody does it and is accepted. hell the best players do it, where is the honor there where is the fanatics outcry ?
  11. If you do it the moment you see the map It doesn't count. That is how I dodge all of my overgrowth games.
  12. Is the rules. In football (soccer) professionals fake penalties fouls all the time.
  13. If H5 had a veto system i would never play Breakout
  14. Halo pros have no weight if 343 decided to not do the tournament, they all be scrambling. The pros don't even bring the viewers. The only pros that have some weight might be Snipedown, Ninja, Lethul, that maybe can live off streaming. The rest would all retire.
  15. . OMG we are being lied by 343 no way. /s Forcing Breakout in competitive Halo is like forcing Dominion in competitive League of Legends.
  16. I feel sad that now in the History of Halo (halo5). We get this huge tournament, is going to opaque the succes of old legends. Hell if snakebite wins HWC, probably will have more earnings than Old Final Boss combined. So sad.
  17. Sorry. Ogre is the Goat, Cratos is a shitty person ?. And according to Lethul his parents failed at raising him.
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