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  1. Gives us PUCKETT !!!!! We miss him so much. Hell even a Sundance appearance would be fantastic.
  2. We need Puckett. I need to hear one last chance "sneaky beaver" or "Puckett Rocket" . Pretty plz MLG give us the GOAT of Halo casting.
  3. The problem with Arena is that there is much higher chance of playing vs a to4 or a to3 so if you rub solo you are at a disadvantage. That is why I play Slayer, less chance of getting fucked by a to4.
  4. Don't understand what you're trying to say.
  5. Also I think the carbine have less recoil or zero recoil.
  6. I think things are improving. So much interaction this week, i feel hopeful.
  7. They don't have monster players, they are top 16 players at best. The only reason they are relevant is because of the format 343 decided for the World championship. They are mediocre at best.
  8. Because they have huge egos, they don't come here to talk to the plebs. They don't care about the plebs opinions. They don't post on Reddit either. Somehow Ogre2 have missed the biggest opportunity of his life, could you imagine what the ogre brand could have been. He could have been our HotshotGG our Reginald. But no, the GOAT barely have a few hundreds biewers.
  9. The Pistol should be 4 shots, but the rifles should had special effects (stopping power, lifesteal, stuns every 3 shots,tagging people), don't know something cool.
  10. This BR is pure sex. Orgasms every time I shoot
  11. The version of LoL and SC2 is the same, plz no bullshit. Go play ranked LoL is the sane tournament setting, same for SC2, Dota, CSGO, Hearthstone. The fact is that only on console we have this problem where vanilla games are trash.
  12. The map is very easy on the eye, great lighting, no glares. Haven't played Strongholds, but in slayer i dont like the power weapons, and there is no powerups. The map is good overall.
  13. Omg the new "old" BR is GOAT, just spent the last 2 hours in customs 4v4. Omg how i missed you normal scope, now i can actually see what I'm shooting, and the crosshair doesn't jump. Omg if 343 implements a classic playlist with the weapon, I would never stop playing. Sorry ik being so fanboy
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