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  1. 3 months in and the only community made maps in MM are Breakout. What id the hard on 343 has with Breakout, isn't even a new concept, its Elimination with a mancannon and flag.
  2. The good ole days. Halo3 had 1.5 mill people the opening weekend online at the same time
  3. You aren't very smart are you. If you don't understand the system don't say it's glitchy
  4. You think 343 would place the weapons sword/shotgun if the pro team strongly disagreed ?.
  5. They tested Overgrowth? Lol they are bad at what they do.
  6. Normal matchmaking had Spikes, bruteshot, hammer, smg, items, we even had the flamethrower in normal maps. And people wonder why halo was so popular for the casuals.
  7. People like to use various gun. And we need those people if we want to reach the golden Halo days again.
  8. So you know all that without actually playing it. Some armchair quaterbacking i see. Would yo ever pick up a BR having a 4 shot pistol ?. You have to play it to know.
  9. This is the problem with console gaming, no peripherals and spinsor see no value.
  10. Did anyone actually tested this ?. It would require a lot of work to test this and gather data. Is a huge change, renders all rifles useless and no one knows how it would change map flow. I don't know until I don't see gameplay, pro players playing with it.
  11. You want to remove Regret and are ok with Slayer Rig.
  12. Riptide has the problem of too much action in the same place (small platform top mid) . Huge dead areas and a lots of deaths traps, so your only choice is to camp blue and move when Fuel is up.
  13. Love this. I also like Regret. But saying here that you like Slayer and Regret is sacrilege.
  14. I think fathom is more of a Circukar map. Coliseum is a Pit remake and should have Static spawn and an overshield in bottom mid instead of scatter.
  15. Where is Halo in the Denial Twitter background. https://twitter.com/DenialEsports
  16. I don´t think 343 knows how to balance asym maps. The initial spawns always heavily favor a team. Like for instance red team on Slayer Rig or Blue team on Overgrowth.
  17. An exception of the rule. Optic Gaming is more than a team is an Agency, like the old EG.
  18. As big as Denial ?. Plz enlight me in what eSport is Denial big?, has Denial ever won any tournament in any major eSport (CS:GO, DOTA, LoL, SC2, HS). Edit: Bring on the negs, on the same Note, what we have here is a middle of the pack Team with a middle of the pack players.
  19. Ranks are fine we just need a solo queue / party queue separation.
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