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  1. It's obvious. Use an Arena Legendary boost it gets you tops 750 reqs, use the same on a WZ game minimum 4k in Assault.
  2. So you didn't take a game ?. And you say there is no way to know what team is better. The only data we have say that Optic>Overdrive.
  3. Captain Clutch Walshy. StrongSide Shockwave
  4. No plz no. Almost every single game in the market has dome sort of dayli/weekly challenge to incentive players to keep coming. Don't try to belittle an issue with a terrible analogy.
  5. Didn't people used to say Kampy was just a noobstomper, playing Multiteam and Social?.
  6. Never understood the love for SandTrap . Why is that people like it so much?
  7. Yeah because going p2 for an entire game of Midship Slayer was the epitome of skill.
  8. Optic. Ot: i have played against you at least 3 times in Slayer.
  9. There is no point in arguing Dota is the harder game. I like LoL cause is very easy in the eyes, the graphics and texture made it very easy when I started, I couldn't play HoN because it is so dark that I dint knew what was going on. But yeah LoL is easy, with a terrible Client and yet is the most played game ever, really nice ranking system and cool skins, also Riot puts a lot of money on correcting player behavior.
  10. LoL is the easy version of Dota, now compare the two. Im a LoL player lol.
  11. The viewership is out there, a single LoL gets 50k any given weekend.
  12. I think is realistic to expect 50k in the finals, plus now we have OpticNation attention. If we want Halo to be the real deal, we have to promote this tournament and ge the viewers. I promote Halo tournament in my small Costa Rican community (800 people) every viewer we can get can generate more interest. Hope we can grow Halo again.
  13. They would have to make the multitasking first. Right now there is Last. Fm but you can't use it while playing, it defeats the purpose.
  14. Maniac has improved a lot. I can see an Optic upset in Regionals.
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