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  1. I was happy because EG didn't choke a game 5. Not only they didn't choke, they destroyed Ronin 50-25
  2. Roy did the correct play, Falcated had to leave the position too.
  3. What ?. You should destroy them. Halo 6 is probably 343's last Halo game, so your past history shouldn't be an issue. Take this opportunity and go full destruction mode, do it for all of us.
  4. Probably lots of people are quitting because they can't bare the framerate, I was one of them. I played a full minute and quit.
  5. Well H5 does have 60 fps and your shots actually connect.
  6. Is the playlist rotational ? I'm working bi-weekly and can only play 2 days every 15 days.
  7. Have you actually played it recently? The framerate is unbearable.
  8. I just played like 2 minutes and it feels like the game is running at 10 fps. And the resolution is yikes is it the Xboxone ? Or the game played so poorly back in the day.
  9. Killerdrew was an exiting player I loved to watch him snipe.And tizoxic too.
  10. So what genre do we play ? Alternative shooters ? Grunge Shooters ? Jazz Shooter ?
  11. Why are you guys taking him seriously it's obvious sarcasm.
  12. Why did they banned our precious Shitlin and Boyo is still running rampant.
  13. Magnum start no Spartan Abilities in classic maps, that would be decent.
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