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  1. Shoutout to Ghost is using the game knowledge very well. Good casting duo Puckett/Ghost
  2. Flame isn't there in game knowledge (halo5) Gary made good points in between scrims and Flame would shut him down.
  3. Guys guys, we are having a rep party at HWC come over.
  4. Puckett, Halo, MLG, Ogre2, Ola, the Twins, Snipedown, what year is it?
  5. So many dank memes, and we haven't played a single game. This weekend gonna be epuc.
  6. Someone said that bracket play seeds were random. Plz confirm?. Anything else than an EG vs CLG would be a slaughterhouse.
  7. Would to see a CLG vs EG finals, with Snipedown no-scoping Lethul for the 50th kill.
  8. I keep throwing money to the monitor, nothing happens. Need that hoodie.
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