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  1. So are we gonna keep adding ganetypes to Arena ? . What is the count up to ?. Can we just clean it and keep only the best 11?.
  2. We still don't have: - party details - file share (file browser, most voted pic, etc) - medals in carnage report - challenges (daily, weekly, etc) - no developer big team battle map - oddball - firefight/spartan ops - doubles playlist/Sniper playlist ( hey but we have shitty breakout) - proper way to save clips and films. And so many small issuess. The only reason Warzone is played so much it because it gives a disproportionate amount of Req and Exp.
  3. So the scene isn't growing, gotcha. Valve does it the right way, doesn't hide any number and doesn't lock the prize pool fearing it will be lower nect year.
  4. Since we don't know the exact numbers, there is no point on speculating. That pool only growing 500000 in 3 months is sad, either they are putting small percentage of the reqs into the pool or the req system isn't that successful. Or they lied to us and locked the prize pool way before the announcement.
  5. I don't see this Magnum in 4v4 people would die to fast in teamshotting.
  6. The gun feels very random. Sometimes i get incredible perfects, other times i need 7 shot to iill someone. Feels very weird and inconsistent, like if you were shooting a Reach Vanilla DMR.
  7. So haloCE is crap since it pkayed at 30 fps.
  8. I don't get why pros don't complain about initial spawn imbalances. I would be pretty mad having to play game five as blue side on Rig. Or having to play red side Slayer Eden.
  9. I think you fail to understand the difference between "feeling like shit" and inconsistency. The H5 is consistent, the crosshair moves the same way every time you do the same input. So is only a problem of adapting to the input-response of the aiming system.
  10. Plaza In general is blue side favored. Easy sniper in Slayer and easy camo in Strongholds.
  11. I don't think that EG is understanding the game. Like I think is a mistake in the fundamentals, or understanding movement flow. I see Denial or ALG and see better movement in the map. EG definitely have the skill.
  12. I just realized i have different accounts depending on Mobile or Pc oh god.
  13. Don't bring your logic and reason here. Here we like to blame the aiming when we miss shots.
  14. The whole map is a death trap except blue room, and there is where you camp.
  15. More meta behind dynamic, since you can alter the time of the next one.
  16. You probably have, since is extremely weighted in matchmaking.
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