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  1. Maybe you should go play Starcraft :v. Since Halo2 the BR have been extremely easy to use.
  2. Some people have short memory. Hell the main objective/strategy in competitive Halo is spawn kill/spawn control.
  3. I used to farm in Halo3 just for fun. We uses to go on our smurfs and run MLG, cap 2 flags and then proceed to spawn kill for 10 minutes, until they quit, those were the days.
  4. Can we please stop the farming discussion, most people would farm if they could.
  5. Stellur had his 15 minutes of fame, and is crashing hard. Have you seen Stellur stats last RNG scrimms, the kid is getting destroyed like he doesn't belong on top teams.
  6. I don't get why pros don't complain, i have bet talking about it since the star of H5 all asymmetrical slayer are imbalanced in this game. And there are no tools to break setups on these maps.
  7. I was Onyx 1750 last season and won 6 out of 10
  8. Guys do we know if they changed the rankings in placements matches?. Last season I got like 1600 Onyx in the placements, now a dirty diamond 5.
  9. You mean team Assault ranked playlist. 343 plz lower the Assault weight in MM.
  10. Steaktaculars are common because: - Maps Layout - Spawns - Sprints in a 8 sec death time - Radar makes impossible to flank. Like when you are spawning in plaza on Plaza TS and the other team has full control, there is literally nothing you can do.
  11. Thid would happen in a world where 343 gives a crap about what we think. We are still pushing no radar, 4 shot pistol is a pipedream.
  12. I think MLG try to hard to recreate Halo2 in Halo3. Maybe add some weapon variety like bruteshot or use some equipment like power drain or lift, and consider them like powerups.
  13. And stop talking about graphics, the biggest FPS right now looks very dated, and millions play it every day.
  14. The biggest esports have been free ( SC BW Korea, LoL, Dota) or CSGO who is extremely cheap and doesn't need high spec. Halo5 has a high entry feed XboxOne+60 dollars. Microsoft should just go full cosmetics micro transactions and make Halo free with the purchase of xbox.
  15. Viewership isn't there we lost 15k from X-Games to Regionals. Even Flamesword pulled 30k on his lcq stream.
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