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  1. I'm for trying, what I don't get is the certainty that is the solution. I left Halo when Reach came (couldn't deal with bloom) and went to Starcraft, in that game a simple number value change would break the game and make complete metas and strategies unviable, so every patch took incredible amount of playtest to see if the game wasn't broken by a single unit change. Now imagine the possibilities of change with a 4shot pistol, that would require incredible amount of play testing. And that should be 343 job.
  2. No need to playtest anything, i see. I like the people going for the 4shot pistol, they haven't even played a single game and they are sure that is going to fix the game.
  3. I'll take your input over anyone that doesn't play it.
  4. We found the guy that actually plays the game instead of armchair theorycraft all day. So now that you have played sufficient H5 can you honestly say H3>H5 from a gameplay standpoint (H3 beats H5 in everything else)
  5. So, Nostalgia more plz. The only reason everyone here is defending double elimination because is the way MLG did it back in the day.
  6. A bo5 of Starcraft can last 30 minutes specially if is ZvZ. And you don't have double elimination there. Why do we need it in Halo?
  7. That a game of LoL last an hour doesn't mean it wasn't over at the 15 minute mark.
  8. We still talking about double elimination. You guys can't let a horse die in peace.
  9. I loved Halo3 to death, my most played game ever. But the game was pretty easy, and a nightmare if you had a crappy connection (Costa Rica 512/256 kb). All you had to do was teamshot stuff and move forward. I love how people here hate on H5 so much and don't even play the game let alone play it at a high level.
  10. 50 in mlg was the highest ranking in H3, so you played the best players in the game, and i can assure you that the best players in H3 didn't had the tools to separate themselves from me like they do in H5 . In H3 I would lose and do bad vs good players in H5 i get destroyed.
  11. Or they can gain new viewers that otherwise would not have tuned in to the stream. They better put a good show, a lot of new potential viewers will be watching.
  12. I was an MLG 50 and can barely hang in the 1900-2000 Onyx Bracket . This game skill gap is extremely superior to H3, just in terms of map movement the bar is too high.
  13. Early morning and searching Breakout one of the lowest population playlist
  14. Im going to ask it here, since people here actually play the game unlike general discussion. Do you feel the needler stronger after the patch ?
  15. Guys did they buffed the needler ? . It's feeling weirdly stronger.
  16. I played today 3 + hours of slayer today, not s single Coliseum or Regret game. Did played Riptide 6 times and Rig another 4 times. Great variety 343
  17. I don't care for second places. The whole point is to crown a World Champion so single elimination bracket would do it.
  18. H3 forced you to stomp noobs for 40 games to get to a decent level. In H5 maybe in 20 games or less you're matching your skill level.
  19. NOTHING, CE IS PERFECT!!!!. Am I doing a good impersonation of the Beyond hivemind ???
  20. It doesn't matter anymore. The game has probably lost 80% of its original population. So changes aren't very meaningful. Like not having social day 1 fucked us so hard, it doesn't matter if they made the perfect playlists people aren't coming back.
  21. Or get "accidentally removed" Cooper style last minute
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