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  1. It's a shame that developer support came this late and this new kids will erase all the legacy that pro Halo is. I don't care how much money 343 throws at Tournaments it will never have that feeling, the mystique that was MLG Halo.
  2. So Elumnite is really that good, he transforms a mediocre online team into gods
  3. Can the caster stop talking about money, yeah we get it is a lot of money.
  4. So The Naded story is coming to life, the first win of his 10+ years of Halo, is going to be the biggest
  5. I was worried for w moment when Snipedrone choked hard with OS rocket on blue bend
  6. Can i get a countdown? . It's 8:42 am where i live. How long till the hype?
  7. Just watch this weekend HWC and you'll see how H5 is played.
  8. Where are people getting that Halo5 encourages defensive play. This is like the most aggressive halo since HaloCE
  9. Because with the same variables intact, hitting 4 shot is easier than hitting 5.
  10. That is what I'm saying, if you go the 4 shot route you have to decrease the aim assist and magnetism
  11. Halo maps are huge. Hell have u seen the size of the pink tower on Truth.
  12. I think the game would get easier. The skill gap would narrow, you would have to remove all precisiob rifles and decrease the aim assist of the pistol. But that is me trying to predict something im not sure how it would play out.
  13. This pistol, without sprint on H3 or H2 maps would play amazing. I think you have forgotten how upscaled the maps are
  14. How can you say this, you haven't played a single 4 shot pistol game.
  15. Guy we just want to use more than 1 gun. I been using the BR for twelves fucking years. It gets boring.
  16. I think is obvious just on the fact that almost all bases are outside of the zoomed RRR, so the maps are played in sectors of mid range battles with an anchor blocking a specific spawn point
  17. Actually the only thing 343 has to do is put a playtest playlist where they put the next free map 1 month before release and gather data/input before releasing. People would be more than okay to play a social list with maps that aren't released yet.
  18. I think that some aspects of the game are designed with 5 shot pistol in mid. Like map geometry
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