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  1. But the low Onyx is significantly crappier at the game than the champ1.
  2. I don't get this statement. What do you mean by never compete for anything.
  3. So, mmm 1 month later we still have the power up glitch crashing games. Lets hope they don't break anything next patch, so we are stuck with another game breaking bug for another month.
  4. I imagine lethul in front of o table moving pictures of players and arranging the teams like the king he is. Until he is satisfied roster mania won't stop.
  5. I have seen both streams (ogre2 and Ninja) and the difference is abysmal on 1v1 skills
  6. Im starting to think that 343 doesn't have the brain power to produce high quality products. They either have shitty programmers or programmer that don't anything about halo or crappy project managers. Like holy hell is 2016 and we don't have a real spectator mode, or an observer mode, no party details, no score screen medals, etc... The list of features missing is just way too big, is a combination of crappy management with 0 halo experience programmers. Like any programmers who ever played halo knows the importance of medals in score screen.
  7. You are correct, some days you feel like a god and others you just can't hit a single headshot.
  8. Because Halo strats arent that difficult and most cases are just openers. But for some reason teams have "analysts" in HALO. And most team play the same way, just that CLG destroys the other team no matter what they do.
  9. So umm halo5 top 6 twitch right now thx to Nadeshot and summit
  10. It is, you have a game mode where you can possibly burn 5 tanks and 10 power weapons in a single game.
  11. That seems like a fasr way to burn your reqs at a disproportionate rate. So you have to buy them, mmm 343 isn't as dumb as we thought.
  12. Learn what??. Can we stop with the veteran argument, we have a top 4 pro that literally has been playing Halo for 5 months. Whatever EG is doing isn't working and Suspector isn't that much of an improvement, hell we don't know if it is an improvement at all. The only combination of players i see beating CLG is dubu/contra/snipe/roy
  13. What are you talking about, there is no skill involved in Halo5, literally anyone can be pro with this damned automatics. /s
  14. Imo no map can be compared to SwordBase, is the single worst map ever created, not even Overgrowth or Adrift can compete with how shitty SwordBase is.
  15. I would just quit the build every time it appears.
  16. You can, just need to sign up both accounts (main and smurf). the main will give gold to the smurf
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