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  1. Remember when people got outraged because they thought EG was a clear number 2
  2. Wait a minute Reach sold 9.95 million units ?. On topic: did we confirmed that MLG is a no go ?
  3. It’s just way to easy, I have 2 smurfs. 343 needs to implement a level requirement
  4. Now with Roy retiring we could see a good EG lineup. Tapping, Fal, LBX, Snipedown/Saiyan
  5. Are we MLG now ???. Holy fuck H6 is gonna be amazing with MLG
  6. It’s incredible how good OpTic is, they have been in every tournament Final and have won most of them.
  7. How did it felt to beat your old team Final abode.A: “like taking candy from a baby”
  8. Why is liquid sitting on shitty chairs while NV is on gaming chairs
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