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  1. I hope that ROY actually stays retired after such an emotional video. I hope he doesn’t pull a Naded.
  2. I think lethul deserve this spot after being the player with more money made.
  3. But is cool, pro players like it so the hive mind will support it.
  4. LUL that OverWatch League is going to crash and burn so hard. On Topic: Eveyone in favor of BR starts is wrong.
  5. Why are you defending it? . They made the weapon random and then they say they remove it but none has actually tested it , you expect me to believe in 343 ?
  6. Holy fuck 343 wants to fuck the few people that actually play the game, to see if they can attract a few BR nostalgic players ?
  7. Why are they going to remove the only good thing H5 had, pistol duels are the only good thing the game has, and they are going to force BR starts. “Muh nostalgia”
  8. How is it advantageous? Enlighten me plz. The gunfighter it’s trash at all ranges
  9. Interesting how low Lethul is, for me he is one of the best in that squad.
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