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  1. 1 hour ago, Apoll0 said:

    All the custom game and forging that the community has painstakingly gone through (since halo 3 really) is the competitive community's version of cooking meth.


    The sad part is that probably we will never experience that High again, it doesn't matter how good of a Halo comes it will never match what we felt when we felt in love with competitive Halo. 

  2. 11 minutes ago, Hootspa said:

    There’s absolutely no reason a 1-50 ranking system couldn’t do placement matches to put you close to your real rank from the beginning. The second point you mentioned also isn’t exclusive to a 1-50 ranking system either soo. 

    Yeah but that has never happened. Right now I'm level 9 in H3 MCC I'll probably have to play hundreds of game before I get my real ranking, it's not a good system. A ranked sistem should put you in 30 games or less in your rank. 

    In the old days in H3 the first levels were very fast you could level up several levels every game, right now it feels like a grind. 

  3. 1 hour ago, Hard Way said:

    I think the warthog gunner should basically have a Tachanka turret from Siege. Total protection from the front, head protection from the sides, and no protection from the rear. With a hitscan precision spawn weapon, it was pretty easy to pick off the gunner, especially from range. That's the problem. The driver can't make any plays when it's that easy to kill the gunner. And remember, the driver has to get somewhat close in order to get kills (which is good), so you can't shit on the driver for trying to make a play. It wasn't a problem in H3 because of the nature of the BR. I'm not saying I want to go back to that, but if we're gonna keep an accurate starting weapon, then the gunner needs more protection. Otherwise the vehicle is useless, as Reach, H4, and pre-BR patch H5 shows us.

    Also the H3 Warthog was only as strong as it was because of spread and shot registration on the BR, not projectile. You don't need to baby the fanbase with hitscan weapons in the name of countering vehicles. If the H3 BR had no spread, it would have been plenty easy enough to kill the gunner. You don't need hitscan for Christ's sake. Just look at CE. Tell me it isn't easy as shit to kill the gunner. You make it sound like a little red reticle leading is asking too much of the player. It's not.

    As someone mentioned earlier, the CE bullets travel twice as fast as the H3 ones 

  4. 43 minutes ago, Snipe Three said:

    I often question if I'm even on a dedicated server. Especially in the 2v2 playlist atm I come away feeling like I'm actually host sometimes and playing on 500 ping other times. I go to check all of the servers and the displayed latency doesn't really check out with the in-game experience. Funnily enough I had the best experience when they fell back on p2p 

    Yeah it’s a bitter sweet feeling, since the majority of the competitive players moved back to H3, playing H5 now feels weird because of it,  even tho for me H5 offers a better online experience. 

  5. Hi guys, been a while. I recently came back to taste a bit of the H3 hype train, but I’m having trouble trying to ignore the inconsistencies of the BR, was the hit reg always this bad ? According to the game my best server is East US 2 with 80 me, I live in Costa Rica. 

    Im just not enjoying the game like I remembered, it’s a bit frustrating. Sorry for the rant .



  6. You can't really force excitement at this point, Halo 5 was a step in the right direction - but for a lot of fans it's played out at this point and they want a new Halo game at Year 3.


    We got HCS London next weekend, then the Finals in November. As a community, I hope we can finish strong for the year.

    This.. you just cannot go from a 3 year dev cycle to a probably 5 year cycle and not expect the game to die.

  7. I think you would be surprised at the growth & numbers a throwback season would provide, if only for a novelty factor. People enjoy playing the game. When people enjoy playing it, they enjoy watching it at the highest level. Look at snipedown/heinz stream numbers since playing H3 again, they both have seen great numbers in comparison to their H5 numbers


    Also, H3 wallbounce & tap strafing > H5 crouch strafing, but I'll admit I too miss the control you have over your Spartans crouch when going back to H3. It's very stiff in comparison

    Wait people enjoy playing H3 in 2k18 ?
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    I feel like everyone is taking crazy pills with this H3 MCC build. It feels better than the old MCC version but it's still H3, a game with a ton of flaws that has not aged well ... I really enjoyed H3 in 2008-10 but it's very hard to go back.


    Even with its flaws (and there are many) I enjoy H5 more than H3, at least after I get the first few H3 nostalgia games out of my system.


    I would prefer watching H3 in terms of competition though

    People be crazy, H3 is unplayable
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  9. Fortnite is part of a perfect storm in the media and gaming environment.


    • PUBG making headlines in gaming industry due to its immense growth and popularity.
    • Costs money though, and is pretty broken.
    • Piggy back on that attention.
    • make BR game.
    • Be free.
    • People who want in on BR craze can do so without spending a dime.
    • make game crazy accessible.
    • Streamer explodes in popularity as a result of playing game
    • Streamer becomes highest viewed streamer ever playing game with famous people
    • people like to do things famous people do.
    • fortnite is free and available on everything
    We will not see a game as popular as Fortnite for a while. It was always going to be succesful, but it being this hyper-popular is mostly pure luck due to the timing it was released.


    Tbh, I doubt we will ever see a game as big as Fortnite again.

    People said the same thing about WoW and the League game and shattered every metric.

  10. Halo 3 was still getting close to 300k on the in-game player count until Reach came out. Its longevity throughout multiple COD titles was really impressive and it always stayed in the top 3 most played Xbox games. MLG playlist usually had around 3k in that year.


    There is no comparison between the population health of Year 3 H5 and H3, none at all. There was actually a time where 3 years of a Halo game wasn't a problem. The original comment that "no one was playing H3 by the end of 2010" is only correct if you consider after Reach's release, in which case it would be obvious that the game would have significantly less players after the release of the new Halo game and there was no need to even make that comment.

    What I’m saying is that not even H3 could have sustained a Healthy scene for a 4th year, MLG Raleigh had 48 teams the same we have at H5 LANs now.
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  11. Since when has this been true.... people bash on specific issues with Halo 3 all the time. Equipment, random spread, hit detection, narrow FoV, dynamic weapon spawns, slow kill times, lazy strafe, playlist management. But its population was NEVER something to complain about.



    That doesn't make an individual playlist population number that was reached maybe a handful of times "count". And the game didn't launch with an MLG playlist so that 1.5 million launch weekend number is irrelevant when talking about MLG population. I remember that playlist regularly having about 3,000 players in it. Maybe it hit 10k right when it was first added for like a day.


    And i know that this is the competitive halo forum, but when talking about a games health we really need to take a look at the game as a whole not just a single playlist, especially not one that has never been popular (not because its bad, but because Bungie intentionally made it sound scary). Yeah, the MLG playlist probably would have been abysmal for a while after reach came out just like everything else. Everybody jumped ship for a while to try reach and i remember jumping back to Halo 3 after a couple weeks of dealing with Reach's bullshit and still being able to find games in any playlist within a couple minutes. It's population had rebounded which is UNHEARD OF for console games once a direct sequel launches. The only console game that might be able to compete with Halo 3's population longevity might be Black Ops 2.

    I’m pretty sure that by the end of 2010 MLG was not selling 256 team passes
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