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  1. I like the new color, looks so fresh.
  2. I really liked the trailer, it felt classic like this came after H3, the music was great, the one liner was epic. I’m so hyped
  3. As someone mentioned earlier, the CE bullets travel twice as fast as the H3 ones
  4. Yeah it’s a bitter sweet feeling, since the majority of the competitive players moved back to H3, playing H5 now feels weird because of it, even tho for me H5 offers a better online experience.
  5. Hi guys, been a while. I recently came back to taste a bit of the H3 hype train, but I’m having trouble trying to ignore the inconsistencies of the BR, was the hit reg always this bad ? According to the game my best server is East US 2 with 80 me, I live in Costa Rica. Im just not enjoying the game like I remembered, it’s a bit frustrating. Sorry for the rant .
  6. This.. you just cannot go from a 3 year dev cycle to a probably 5 year cycle and not expect the game to die.
  7. That only happen if you didn’t killl the guy hiding in mauler, it was a legit strat try to survive in mauler if you were 3 down.
  8. People said the same thing about WoW and the League game and shattered every metric.
  9. What I’m saying is that not even H3 could have sustained a Healthy scene for a 4th year, MLG Raleigh had 48 teams the same we have at H5 LANs now.
  10. I’m pretty sure that by the end of 2010 MLG was not selling 256 team passes
  11. Well yeah Fortnite is in the Twitch era, everything blows up today. Back when H3 released I couldn’t even watch the MLG stream live because I had 256 kb connection.Back then Halo was a cultural phenomenon remember Big Bang Theory “its Halo night”.
  12. You are forgetting how big H3 was, there were 1.5 millions online players the first weekend. H3 was the “fortnite” of 07-08
  13. Yes it did even the FFA MLG playlist had a playerbase when it started. My point is that no console game can survive that many years, the only reason competitive CoD stays fresh is because they get a new game every year.
  14. I know that saying anything bad about H3 is sacrilege in this forum, but can you explain yourself?
  15. What was the population of the MLG playlist maybe 900 concurrent players by the end of 2010 ? I’ll call that low when that playlist had 10k concurrent player when it started

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