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  1. The only change I’ll make to SH is making that if someone is contesting the Hill the game shouldn’t end, the same with CTF if someone has the flag out the game shouldn’t end untill the flags are at home.
  2. Oh well, seems like 343 has already made their mind. I’m very disappointed since we made a lot of progress since season 1, and now season 3 is going to undo everything.
  3. Gotcha. I’m concerned that pros might reinforce the idea that BR starts are good.
  4. When 343 asked the pros for new setting what did the majority said ?
  5. Snipedown was/is Pro BR, and a bunch of other pros were talking in Twitter for it.
  6. That is not the issue. The issue with the BR is that they made the burst too slow, so now if a targets uses thruster pack you won’t be able to hit all of the bullets and you won’t be sure how many bullets hit. You won’t ever see a perfect in a 1v1 scenario not even Snipedown will be able to hit a perfect in a 1v1. So you want to make the kill time even longer and make Halo more team dependent.
  7. I tend to forget that most of you guys don’t actually play the game. So it makes sense for you guys that they replace our only playlist. Is like saying in h3 that they are replacing MLG playlists with some random assault playlist with AR starts.
  8. Because some us only play the HCS playlist and they are removing it for some weird BR start bullshit.
  9. So they are forcing us to either play the Br start shit or don’t play at all.
  10. Why are they replacing the only playable playlist. With a BR start oddball test playlist.
  11. Holy fuck I’m still amazed how Riot Games I able to keep the game so Fresh after 8 years, this new season is Fire.
  12. Is anyone watching Snipedown play BR 8s ?. Lol not a single perfect in 2 games hahaha is it even posible to land 12 consecutive bullets on a moving target ?
  13. But what about those tens of thousands of viewers combing to see BR starts.
  14. If you think that BR starts is going to make a significant change in viewership you are crazy

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