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  1. Yeah he was, it was a post full of nostalgia. Anyone with half a brain would have realized that the “new” BR was shit
  2. Where is the people that downvoted me when I said that removing the HCS was the most stupid thing in recent halo history. “We must try it before discarding them” “It’s only 2 weeks” LUL in 2 weeks 343 is going to lose every competitive player
  3. Who would have guessed that removing the only competitive playlist for 2 weeks was a terrible idea.
  4. I’m used to watching Football, and you have Cinderella stories all the time, for example Leicester City in the premier league. Even in LoL if we had franchising back then C9 would have never been a thing, they came from relegation to win the split. I think franchising is good for business man and bad for the competition since you need to get on one of a few teams to play, and don’t have the chance to rise with a new squad.
  5. USA is the only country that does it, for me franchising makes it harder for new talent to rise.
  6. I still don’t understand why Americans love franchising so much.
  7. Another plus, traditional games that have ADS don’t have descope
  8. How does ADS makes shooting easier ? It makes it harder for me, having a gun block my sight.
  9. And it’s impossible to land the 3 bullets on a thrusting target.
  10. No? The enjoyment also come from the “flavor of the coke” IE the settings, you can have the most populated playlist in the world that if it have trash settings i won’t play it.
  11. He was wrong, there was not even a reason to scrim with that BR, you only needed to play 1 game and pick the weapon a couple of times to realize that it doesn’t work. How can people be arguing for a BR, LONGER KILL TIMES !!!! Am I taking crazy pills?
  12. Are you ignoring all of the posts last week ?. There wasn’t an army but there was a trend gaining momentum, a lot of pros were going for BR, even Snipedown made a post saying that H3 was competitive because it had BR starts.
  13. The same reason the premier competitive playlist was at the bottom.
  14. I would imagine that with no team Lunchbox would have retired, and he wouldn’t be playing Halo.
  15. We have to “test” storm rifles start, we can’t be sure untill we test it, and the only way we can do it is by replacing the only competitive playlist with it.
  16. No reason to test something that is objectively bad, we already have tested the “tuned BR” and is garbage, no point in making it the starting weapon. Oh well I guess a lot of people like to have longer kill times and more teamshooting
  17. Because a lot of pros like BR starts, they even play 8s with them. It gets Snipedown all fuzzy inside playing with a BR.

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