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  1. Halo means something different to most people, a lot of people only play the campaigns and follow the lore, meanwhile I haven’t play a single campaign mission since Reach. Lots of people love Halo and haven’t played a single ranked game.
  2. I feel honored, NAVG is the greatest to ever do it. It’s “iGS” btw
  3. Let’s try a crazy idea, why don’t we swap the HCS playlist to the top of the list and call it “team hardcore” , and then we can see the numbers
  4. Did we really needed some “analyst” to tell us that AR didn’t belonged on competitive?. He never implemented true party restrictions, he invented some convoluted system that gave more elo to people playing in party. Do we really need some stats analyst that doesn’t play the game, tell us what competitive settings are good ?
  5. We need CT back. And I see that Halo pros have not changed much in 16 years.
  6. It still baffles me that they agree to remove the HCS playlist, they are so out of touch, it’s unreal.
  7. They are traditional employees, so most likely they stopped working last Wednesday.
  8. We can all agree that Sword Base is in it owns category of bad, nothing is that bad, not even boardwalk.
  9. Ok now it makes sense all of the H2A art style praising, you were talking about campaign. Because Sanctuary had a glare that burnt your eyes.
  10. 343 isn’t very smart, this would be like removing the MLG playlist back in the day.
  11. Why is 343 so clueless about everything? Why do they refuse to listen to us ?

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