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  1. Jesús Christ can Renegade open his god dam mouth to speak.
  2. Dude Ninja got way more from that exchange than Drake. At least 300 000 people watching didn’t give a fuck about Ninja and were only there for Drake.
  3. I don’t think he is getting more than a 3k salary. Even if he was getting 5k he would have made more money in Halo.
  4. I think it was likely that he would have been in Splyce with the rest of the young gods
  5. How can something be more “classic” than the original thing?
  6. Because we jumped ship as soon as H2 dropped and they didn’t.
  7. Halo5 is the best Halo since Halo2, don’t @
  8. In H3 the few times I pulled host I felt like Neo while the rest of the party could barely play hahaha, Jesus that game online play was hot garbage.
  9. I don’t live in USA, I don’t get to play MCC. One of the main reason that the rest of the world can’t catch up to NA is because we’ll online gaming has most of the servers in NA, well good luck trying to play with 150 pong to your nearest server.
  10. Hey at least I could find games in H4, to this day I have to wait 15 minutes to find a game in MCC
  11. Because the people asking for it, don’t even play Halo.
  12. By the end of 2010 H3 was already dying. We need more players and new pros, not the same 30 teams playing because nobody wants to play MCC, even T2 was competitive in H2A because nobody played that fucking Game, even the sudds were top8 in that game.
  13. Yeah if we go back in time to 2010 and you give people a 1 million dollar prize pool.
  14. Most of the playerbase won’t go back to H3, the nostalgia will last maybe 5 games and the you will realize that you are playing with a shitty utility weapons that can’t kill anything past 10 feet.
  15. Just the thought of playing H3 again makes me vomit. The online inconsistency is just too much, you can’t have a game that only works on LAN
  16. People are upset because the future of Halo Esport is uncertain, H5 can’t survive another year let alone 2 more.
  17. H3 ? H2? Do you actually believe will go back and play a 10+years old game ?
  18. MCC is a graveyard, and another season of 3 competitive maps...

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