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  1. It’s called 3 years of the same Halo and no hope of anything new in the making
  2. Well ... I actually prefer other casters over him, he is a good host tho. Just give me T2, Elamite and Walshy.
  3. I’m not good enough at any game and I’m not “funny” enough either. Plus my internet here in Costa Rica is Trash.
  4. That’s a good amount of subs, 3k a months + donations good for a gamer
  5. Compared to FiS/Snipedown no, he was decent but not a dedicated sniper
  6. Yeah but H3 was dominated by the god snipers, very team needed a god sniper (FiS, Snipedown, Cloud, Neighbor, etc).
  7. Lol at people saying that dropping Walshy was a good move, when OG2 haf FiS/VicX and Ola to carry his ass. Ola could carry SK to tournaments wins.
  8. Is that Korea ? Because probable Flash was getting like 1 million dollars on salary alone.
  9. So the guys in Splyce have some kind of Hack that makes themIgnore “heavy aim”
  10. I think of Splyce like the end of H3 FB team. The only thing that can stop Splyce is themselves.
  11. He is just being a dick. Twitter is a great tool to get shit done.
  12. H5 feels fine for me most of the time. H3 is just shitty online.
  13. Why do you assume he is living off tournaments winnings? And why does it matter ?. He has every right to complain for his prize winnings.
  14. Neighbor and Snipedown Edit: inb4 Shotzzy wins both tournaments while barely practicing
  15. Dude no. Most players aren’t very smart. You get “no Bloom, no skill” , ffs CLG was arguing for radar when they made the change

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