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  1. A thruster resetting on kills would be cool.
  2. There should be a pause button on custom games, and reconnects.
  3. Epitaph is playable compared to Overgrowth. I don't get how initial spawn imbalance like that gets past testing, don't they gets statistics of how many times does blue side wins on that map. Or initial spawn in Plaza Strongholds, blue side gets camo for free. I would love to see statistics on side win percentage in: - the rig -plaza -overgrowth -eden strongholds I don't think 343 test teams speak up. Or there isn't anyone tracking MM statistics. I think Strongholds in asymmetrical maps should have 2 rounds.
  4. You quit the build when Overgrowth pops up.
  5. People forget that the Halo they played was a heavily modified version of the game. Hell you spawned with an smg in Halo2, imagine if you didn't had the pistol at spawn in Halo5 the outcry would be huge.
  6. I don't get how LBX is that good, last night he was dropping the best numbers, a lot of games much better than Snipedown. He was known for his objective play, but now i see he is jus as good at slaying.
  7. I see a high skill gap in this game in Vanilla Settings. The game isn't as random as halo3/ReachBloom. If the pistol were to be the only precision weapon, with no radar, H5 would be a lot better. Some people are forgetting H3,Reach, H2 maps. Remember playing snowbound ARs starts with radar and equipment, thats Bungie for you. Bungie has great engineers and bad players.
  8. Why isn't everyone complaining, why is only a few people on a very small fraction of the population. How come a player like Ogre/Pistola have been able to dominate tru different halo games. Hell most of the pros come from the Halo2 era and are still dominating.
  9. Its weird i watch Ogre2 stream and he doesn't miss a shot. If you can't shoot is because you are bad.
  10. Wow blue side winning, who would've thought having camo/shotgun at spawn was good.
  11. Overgrowth blue side spawn seems balanced /s
  12. About this particular topic you are correct, but in general im right. Example the Optic hate train. Now this guys comes with a model and people are rustled because their favorite team/player isnot at the top. Heck a week ago it was a general consensus that FFA was better with 6 players now they want the 8 players back, criticizing for the sake of it.
  13. Guyd do you remember a Forge Reach map named Nexus iirc. In my opinion a fun map to be made in H5
  14. I have been following the competitive halo forums since the old mlg website, never made a post. Never felt the bed to interact until now. Mainly because English not my first language.
  15. So this guys invents a prediction algorithm for free, the software just need calibration (is a prediction base un probabilities so isnot gonna be 100% accurate) . And you guys just shit on the guy, wow. I have been lurking for as long as the forum is alive, and now just realize that most people here just complain and bitch about everything. This general discussion is just a toxic place.
  16. So, still no theather File Share?. Can i share clips, films ?
  17. The Xbox one is general is crap i cant even choose monitor resolution, ill either play 1080 or dont play. Hell even 360 had resolution options when you conected a monitor
  18. Thanks guys. What are the best flag routes on Truth? I usually pull it Carbine
  19. So the light rifle is the fastest killing gun? Outside powerweapons
  20. Guys, what is the kill time of the unscope LightRifle, that thing kills really fast or is just a perception?
  21. Slide boost is gonna messed with asymmetrical maps initial respawn. Right now for example blue side plaza with boost can get the sniper in seconds. While red team is still running. Y fear there are gonna patch it just because of that, asymmetrical maps imbalance.
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