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  1. Also Slayer right now is the playlist with less to4, so is more favorable if you're playing soli. Most to4 are playing Arena.
  2. Why would you care about winning/losing there is no reward, nothing happens. If you want to tryhard in social is your problem none is forcing you to do it. Why why are people this thick. Is all in your head, admit that you want to stomp and move on.
  3. He was playing with Lethul, Apg and Spartan. I could probably beat some 15 seeded team too.
  4. Everything is ELO in the background doesn't matter if the visuals are 1-50 or Bronze-Onyx. The system gives the whole team a score based on W/L and your opponent skills.
  5. Thanks was trying to say this. Couldn't articulated properly.
  6. Why would you care about winning in Social. The only difference of social is that it removes the stress from losing your rank. If you want to win by only ground pounding maybe you should try a different game.
  7. So basically what you want is pub stomp, but not get shite on by better people. Mm interesting. The only complaint I have with social is that the score in 5v5 should be 75 or 70 kills
  8. So Onyx players arent allowed to play Social. Gotcha.
  9. Hey dont pop their bubble, they cant rank u because bad teammates and bad conection.
  10. Do people actually believe in elo Hell ?. If you cant rank up is because you are in the rank you deserve.
  11. The huge aim assist also came naturally, is imposible to miss in that game.
  12. Please dont make up excuses if you cant carry yourself to at least low Onyx you are bad.
  13. Who cares?. We got a LAN event and nice production. I don't care if Microsoft bought the ticket in, we got good exposure.
  14. They won't. In LoL high elo players take up to 30 minutes to find a game. Is a population MMR limitation, not enough good players are searching.
  15. He was comparing someone career to me. Is like comparing me to lebron, I can't criticize Lebron James because I can't play basketball like he does it. It's a stupid argument.
  16. Oh an opinion on an opinion forum. I didn't said he was bad i said overrated. On Topic: can someone explain me why is Regret considered bad, for me Eden Slayer is the worst, so many long sight lines with the pistol is hard, and the initial spawn imbalances.
  17. That BR feels so good, ironic isn't it, is the only gun without ADS and no fake recoil ( screen shaking at shooting)
  18. So basically Epsilon is top4 World ?. Omfg im so sorry of what i said, I welcome our European Overlords.
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