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  1. Are they going to fix H2 so it plays like the original ?
  2. This LAN feature is huge, I can now organize tournaments in my country. Internet connections were alway an obstacle in Costa Rica so now we can have tournaments like the old days. I’m actually excited.
  3. Yeah 343 had to do something, WW2 is about to drop and I fear for the H5 population
  4. He is, I’m surprised that no other team is trying to recruit him.
  5. I’m actually expecting EDG to at least win 2 games today and spoil the party. I predict C9 to lose every game today.
  6. As a CLG fan I enjoy watching TSM fail every year. TSM fan tears are the sweetest.
  7. It’s quite obvious that to play Halo optimally you need an Elite/Scuf controller.
  8. Why is VT beating Str8 ? I thought Str8 was dominating the AM scene .
  9. This. Gears is more dead than Halo and mlg is still running Gears events.
  10. Doesn't stop the majority of this forum from praising shit CoD games .
  11. I was happy because EG didn't choke a game 5. Not only they didn't choke, they destroyed Ronin 50-25

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