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  1. The caster literally didnt say anything that wasnt on the screen. "Look at the shots" "wow this player is great because he is very good, look at him".
  2. Holy fuck this casters are hot garbage. Strongside and who is the other guy ??
  3. oh you dont like being told the things that are happening right in front of you ??
  4. True, but not the whole story, before LCS, LoL was thriving without Riot. The IEMs were hype as fuck, there was a lot of tournaments before Riot came and fucked everybody and imposed the LCS. LoL was growing at an exponential rate before Riot decided that they should control everything, they even tried to impose that LoL players couldn’t stream other games.
  5. This is exactly what I said, you actually learned something today.
  6. Really?. I’m indifferent towards Huke, has like a bland personality, I literally don’t have an emotional response of him.

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