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  1. Wut ? Most pros are really dumb when it comes to settings. BR starts does not work in H5, why do halo players have such a hard on for the BR.
  2. You people are ignoring the speed that people run in H5, imagine a thrusting sliding player, how many bullets are you going to hit with a BR.
  3. See this is the reason that Halo pros should stay far away from settings.
  4. The Xbox one X isn’t such a bad purchase, it’s a good upgrade and it will have a long life. People buy 1k phones every year. The XboxoneX is a good buy for a lot of people.
  5. The bullet spacing is the biggest issue, with H5 mobility is really hard to land all 3 bullets. Imposible on a thrusting target.
  6. YEah and apg also has his, so I went to buy them and I couldn’t
  7. Now that the burst is slower is almost guaranteed you will never get a perfect kill against a competent player, since you won’t land 3 bullets on a thrusting target.
  8. I thought that the problem with the BR was the aim assist.
  9. Well yeah, it’s also a social playlist, you should have a different approach to it.
  10. Why Did they made the BR son inconsistent? , and in what playlist do you spawn with the BR/GF? Been playing oddball and is AR/Pistol.
  11. Oddball Riptide is cancer, actually anything Riptide. You just hide in blue room the same way you play Slayer, it’s a shit map.
  12. I hope that ROY actually stays retired after such an emotional video. I hope he doesn’t pull a Naded.

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