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  1. As someone mentioned earlier, the CE bullets travel twice as fast as the H3 ones
  2. Yeah it’s a bitter sweet feeling, since the majority of the competitive players moved back to H3, playing H5 now feels weird because of it, even tho for me H5 offers a better online experience.
  3. Hi guys, been a while. I recently came back to taste a bit of the H3 hype train, but I’m having trouble trying to ignore the inconsistencies of the BR, was the hit reg always this bad ? According to the game my best server is East US 2 with 80 me, I live in Costa Rica. Im just not enjoying the game like I remembered, it’s a bit frustrating. Sorry for the rant .
  4. This.. you just cannot go from a 3 year dev cycle to a probably 5 year cycle and not expect the game to die.
  5. That only happen if you didn’t killl the guy hiding in mauler, it was a legit strat try to survive in mauler if you were 3 down.
  6. People said the same thing about WoW and the League game and shattered every metric.

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