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  1. no, Mandy. fucking idiots.
  2. @@Mckeever so you gonna leave bloodyelbow for harboring a pedophile? or are you just a coward w/ a keyboard?
  3. you know how i know you didn’t go to college
  4. liked that one a lot too. Tom Waits was good.
  5. The Ballad of Buster Scruggs is really solid. obviously w/ anthology films there is an imbalance in quality between stories, but they are all at least good to great & have a clear thematic & philosophical link (easily recognizable to anyone familiar w/ the work of the Coens which is basically everyone) so none feel out of place. “Meal Ticket” was my personal favorite.
  6. your posts are already starting to taste like stale saltines
  7. not sure there are many people crying over a tight race that most people expected Cruz to win regardless because it’s Texas.
  8. tbh we were probably dumped by Brad for some incel forum

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