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  1. So randomly our team is going, see you guys there! Mighty Ducks- A Dark Legacy, DoNiNaToR, xToxsik, Rapture- 50pts
  2. Hey does anyone know what display settings I should be using for H2 on an Asus? Resolution and widescreen/normal?
  3. C'mon Goldenboy what's the scoop???
  4. Good to hear Philosopher. Goldenboy retweeted me on Sunday saying he didn't have any news yet...so I guess we'll see
  5. Hopefully UMG will use both 2v2 and 4v4...both would be fun IMO. I just wish the Halo community wasn't so spread out...Halo 4 simply isn't a good game but it's the only Halo that seems to get serious consideration for tournament play. I've been playing Reach for over a week now and have had a much better time than on H4. If UMG or another group held Reach tournaments I guarantee ppl would play
  6. If anyone has information on Halo Reach and UMG online post it in here. On another note, any Reach To4's trying to scrim hit us up iRapture, Residue, Voxy Hearts, or Bulky DGAF
  7. Thanks for your honesty Tiburon, I appreciate it. I promise the last thing I want is to start a debate, if anyone wants to msg me about it that's different. No worries
  8. Hey guys, this montage was made months ago but not many people got the chance to see it. I hope everyone enjoys it, don't be shy about negative feedback. Glad to be back gamin Reach for the time being.
  9. This is all I'm gonna say: Halo 4 is not up to par, especially compared to Halo 3 (even bigger on LAN). I love the idea of bringing back Halo 3, but changing the game 3 weeks before the tournament is uncalled for. There are people that practiced for months an bought their plane ticket for H4, I would be furious. I don't like Halo 4 at all really, and I love Halo 3, but this is the wrong move. After AGL 10, we all burn our H4 discs and game H3 competitively.
  10. Well suddenly both of my possible rides to ATL cancelled on me this morning : (. If anyone knows someone in south florida driving to the event lemme know ASAP.
  11. The Main Attraction- KnightyKnight, Residue, Bulky, Rapture. Cya guys there, hit us up for To4's this week
  12. Hey guys my montage has been released, check it out And KnightyKnight, Residue, and I still need 1 for Atlanta. #Heartbreakers
  13. Hey guys I know this is off topic but I need someone with a decent YouTube channel who would be willing to upload my Reach montage. There is a Gospel presentation at the end so if u don't want Christian things on ur channel I understand. Lemme know..IRapture
  14. Haven Extraction Pitfall TS Pitfall CTF Onyx TS Onyx CTF Station 9 Extraction Skyline CTF Simplex CTF These are honestly the only game types in my opinion that I would want in 100%. Adrift CTF, Haven TS, Skyline TS, and maybe Abandon are below average game types in all honesty. Hopefully Onyx CTF is added, and some new maps come out that work well
  15. Residue, KnightyKnight, and I need 1 to run with for Atlanta tonight. Hmu: IRapture
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