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  1. Hey everyone, My names is Gary. I am 25 years old. Currently staying in Louisiana. I have been a competitive player since H3. I am looking for a team right now of course hinting the F/A. I can attended LAN events so traveling is not an issue with me. Im currently playing with people that have teams right now, so im kinda like the third wheel. K/D is currently at 1.42 with most of the games running solo. I have been onyx every season. I have a really dirty snipe. Im always looking to run games, even customs, just trying to get better and better each day, and have done so. I can get on every night, i can play for at least 4 plus hours a day. days that im off work i usually play 6 plus hours. GT: Tuplex
  2. Hey Pajama, Im also looking for a team of 4. I am a very dedicated player. I currently not on a team, but do run with others that have teams, so kinda puts me in a slump. I can play at champion level as well. Guys ive ran with are, The Kid Fox, Warstar XBL, Reign CE, Deliriumm, Chance Br, HaloGod is Me, Antdoesntmiss, Fault Love, Enigma Savage, Mindwaves, RRecon, Ghost on live. You and I stats are the same so im sure you can hold your own and a smart player as well. Who do you usually play with when youre on? yupp tired of running with people that already have a team
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