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  1. need a scrim message king avalanche. We need a team of 4
  2. Along with the previous post....We are looking for a team player. Our team has pretty open schedules so when you message me on XBL include your availability and we'll work out a time to run games. Just to let everyone know our team is currently 12-2 on the HWC ladder.
  3. Return To Sender is looking for one. GT: hP Avalanche
  4. Return to Sender is currently looking for one for the HWC. We are looking for someone with a high Onyx or Champion rating in Team Arena or Pro Points. We are in need of a pure slayer. Message hP Avalanche, Activee, or ProteqTV if interested. My GT: hP Avalanche
  5. Message me on XBL if interested in running games. GT: King Avalanche
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